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    Smart Hotel Software Security

    Smart Hotel Software integrates with many security systems to enable you to best control movement and processes throughout your business.

    Integrations with Keyless Entry/Door Lock systems enable you to automatically create keycards upon check-in and automate the process of keycard management.  See below for supported Keyless Entry/Door Lock systems.

    Integrations with IP Cameras and security systems enable you to monitor and record transactions at terminals throughout your property.  In the event of a security breach or fraudulent transaction you will be able to view video footage of the physical terminal and spot any potential wrong doing.  See below for supported IP Camera systems. 

    Additionally, all Smart Hotel Software modules have built in user access security, enabling the manager to determine access levels for front line staff. 

    Further, security is enhanced by full compliance to PCI Standards for Credit Card security.  All credit card information is stored in encrypted databases protecting your customer’s private information from prying eyes.

    Smart Hotel Software is proud to partner with the following providers to deliver you the seamless, integrated security solutions that you need to run your hospitality business.


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