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Smart Hotel Software for Resorts

Smart Hotel Software is a full featured Property Management Software Solution for resorts.  Smart Hotel Software  will manage your reservations, detailed guest itineraries, guest folios, packages, payments, audit and forecasting reports, housekeeping, maintenance and yield management.


1. Increase your businesses integrity. Industry standard Accounting and Fiscal Control helps you maintain integrity where it matters most - in your pocketbook.  We believe in proper fiscal control and make sure our solution meets the stringent standards that you and your accountant require to keep the business running smoothly. Includes PCI Compliance. Click here for more.

2. Improve your guest service by having guest history at your fingertips, remember guest preferences, dramatically speed up check-in and improve your guest experience.

3. Increase your revenue by effectively managing packages, reservations, rooms and rates with powerful Yield Management tools. 

4. STOP paying commissions. NO Fee and NO Commission Online Reservations are available to help you save costs.

5. Manage weddings and events with our built in banquet event order functionality.  Create the detailed itinerary for your guests and their party.  Communicate with your staff through the BEO and tracking functions.  Finally, allocate all your revenue to the appropriate accounts to smooth out the wrap up.



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More Robust and Detailed...

We are now functioning well with Smart Hotel Software and realizing the benefits.  It has made our reservations and guest tracking, not necessarily simpler, but more robust and detailed. As well, the accounting and report aspects of the program have strengthened our financial accountability.  

Val Beard
Mica Heli Skiing, BC


Front Office - Property Management System

Property Management Software for Hotel Front Office

Food and Beverage - Point of Sale

Point of Sale and Inventory Management for Food and Beverage

Online Reservations

Online Reservations for real-time web site bookings

Back Office - Accounting

Accounting and Financial Reporting for Back Office

Credit Card Processing

Credit/Debit Card Processing and Merchant Accounts

Banquets & Events

Banquets and Events Control

Spa Management and Retail Sales

Spa Management and Retail Sales

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Tools

24/7 Technical Support

24/7 Technical and Product Support

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