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    Smart Hotel Software Point of Sale
     Food and Beverage  and Gift Shop

    You have a choice for your Food & Beverage or Gift Shop Point of Sale. 

    Use your existing Point Of Sale Software and Hardware
    Smart Hotel Software integrates with many popular Point of Sale systems including Micros POS, Squirrel, POSiTouch, SimpleMenu and many more.  Please call to see if we connect with your Point of Sale.

    1. Staff already know the POS software
    2. Use existing hardware
    3. Allows guests to charge to room


    Change to Smart Hotel Software Point of Sale

    1. Modern easy to use software
    2. Works on most POS hardware - call us to see if your existing hardware is OK.
    3. Allows guests to charge to room
    4. Optional Direct integration to Sage Accpac or Simply Accounting gives you
    one point of maintenance for your Inventory, Purchasing, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Bank and Tax Information.
    5. Optional stand-alone version does not require specific accounting system.
    6. Fast easy to use touch screen menus

    Designed to fit your Business, the Smart Hotel Software Point of Sale System is a scalable solution which can grow with your business. It is easy to add new retail locations, new tills or modules to the system, expanding its functionality.

    Smart Hotel Software proudly partners with Orion Digital Integration to bring you the Smart Hotel Software Point of Sale.

Orion Point of Sale


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