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Ongoing Training

At Smart Hotel Software we are committed to your ongoing learning.  We offer  ongoing training services to keep your team up to date and current on the software.  When you hire new staff, you can have them view our helpful videos to get the basics, and can bring in our team to teach the advanced classes.  We also offer a once monthly webinar on a variety of topics including Advanced Reservations, Advanced Reporting, Groups Control, Yield Management and much more.  We encourage all of our clients to attend the webinars and let us know what topics you would like more information on.

Click here to view our basic videos. 

Click below for recordings of our recent webinars.

Housekeeping June 2011

Maintenance May 2011

Web and Email Marketing Jan 2011

Reporting Nov 2010





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Our friendly staff is ready to help you with any questions, simply call 1-604-926-3215 or Contact Us.  We are located in Vancouver, Canada in the Pacific Time Zone.

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