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    Features and Functions

    Smart Hotel Software PMS is a Windows based system making it fully configurable to match the requirements of a wide variety of property types and business requirements.

    Key Features

  • Flexible configuration allows multiple  properties and multiple resources
  • Straight forward database screens allow for easy system setup and maintenance
  • Overview screens for reservations, available rooms, objects and rate controls
  • Dashboard summary of each days arrivals, departures, occupancy, average rate and RevPAR for up to the minute monitoring
  • Guest profiles store detailed information including address, preferences, stay history, guest notes and loyalty cards
  • Agent profiles contain contact information, billing information and contracted rates
  • System security is defined by user group and user level security
  • Extensive reports menu includes Operational reports, Night Audit Reports and Statistical Reports
  • Ability to create seasonal rates, by day of week and by number of adults
  • Custom Reporting and Inquiries



  • Familiar Windows based design minimizes training requirements and increases productivity
  • Increase customer service levels through improved guest recognition and guest preferences
  • Rate maximization during peak and low occupancy periods for increased revenues
  • Powerful reporting and inquiry tools for strategic planning and marketing campaigns
  • Improve guest satisfaction and overall bookings by capturing reservations in real time on your Smart Hotel Software PMS enabled web site.
  • Reduce operational costs and input errors by interfacing with accounting, central reservation and point of sale software.


    Key Reservation Features

  • Ability to inquire for room and rate availability for any date
  • Availability inquiries by company or travel agent and number of adults and children 
  • Sequencing of available rate display
  • Waitlist and Day Use reservations
  • Detailed room and rate/package information from the availability screen
  • Capability to select multiple rooms and rates during the same inquiry
  • Ability to book multiple rooms linked to one confirmation number
  • Facility to setup company billing and travel agent commission
  • Cancel, modify or move reservations
  • Confidential rates for wholesalers
  • Allows for split billing between room and tax and incidentals
  • Ability to add package elements such as breakfast to any rate (‘On the Fly’ packaging)
  • Use  of "Objects" to track sundry items such as newspaper preference, special dietary requirements, specific room instructions (such as  baby beds) and almost any requirement that the front desk, housekeeping and other staff need to be aware of.


    Key Operational Features

  • Quick individual and group check-in and check-out
  • ‘Walkin’ reservation functionality
  • Option to automatically allocate rooms at any time between reservation and check-in
  • Easily transfer guest account/invoice to another room, guest or group account
  • Standard, user defined confirmation letters, registration cards, guest vouchers, guest invoicing, statements, letters, labels, reminder letters and currency exchange documents
  • Guest messaging
  • Allows for room (features), guest (VIP, Corporate  etc.) and reservation (source) classification
  • Ability to post miscellaneous charges, adjustments, credits and payments
  • Currency exchange with folio
  • Cashier Report by user
  • Housekeeping reports and room status update
  • Maintenance reports and incident reporting
  • One button night audit


    Key Yield / Revenue Management Features

  • Different rates for different room types, different day of the week, different seasons and number of people.
  • Apply Length of Stay, Closed to Arrival and Closed controls to any rate for any date
  • Rate calendar screen shows availability controls, number of available rooms and the average daily rate
  • Central reservation and agent room allotment with  allocation release date
  • Rate tiering to automatically close off a rate when you reach a threshold occupancy - for example turn off Special Rate at 80% occupancy.
  • Control the number of Objects (package elements) sold on any date.  For example you only have 3 baby cribs and want to know when all 3 have been allocated for a day.
  • Build rates that can be charged either once at check in or changed on a per night basis


    Key Room Management Features

  • Assign each room to a specified category
  • Review available Rooms to sale by category
  • Create descriptions for both category and room 
  • Features are assigned to each room to improve reservation availability search
  • Assign the maximum number of adults and children that can occupy each room
  • Assign a default selling rate to each category



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What Our Clients Have to Say

We are now functioning well with Smart Hotel Software and realizing the benefits.  It has made our reservations and guest tracking, not necessarily simpler, but more robust and detailed. As well, the accounting and report aspects of the program have strengthened our financial accountability.  

Val Beard
Mica Heli Skiing, BC






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