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    Smart Hotel Software  Banquets and Events

    Smart Hotel Software has built in modules for Banquet and Catering management, know as BEO - Banquet Event Orders.  Using the built in modules, you are able to manage reservations and all the fine details of banqueting events, weddings, meetings, and much more.  Integrated Point of Sale allows you to keep track of menus, recipes, and more.

    The front office system includes functionality to manage your banquets and events to a high degree of accuracy.  Build the package for your customer.  Include all the extras they want: meal plans, setup notes, and much more.  Process deposits against the account.

    Print your setup report with all the details, so your staff can set up the event.

    Process meals and charges through the point of sale system, and pay direct.  Or invoice the customer through accounts receivable.

    - Quotes
    - Contracts
    - Deposits
    - “Day Of” run sheets - BEO
    - Final Invoice
    - Combine with guest room blocks

    Please contact a Smart Hotel Software representative to learn more.



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